When branches confuse

We call a tree, when clouds do,

We call it rainbow,


When men do the same,

We blame that even Gods fail

Unriddling women.

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Words are evasive

Words are evasive

‘love’ too needs superlatives

To halt time conflicts.







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A Loner

A loner’s gracious

To volatile thoughts lest they

Stop filling him back.


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The distance

The distance between

Honest and dishonest men

Is fast decreasing.

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If rose had a nose

If rose had a nose,

She would use it as an eye,

To blind her petals.

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On the first rain’s eve,

I’ll patent the feel, the smell –

Before it spreads everywhere.

Between Lines

Between Lines

Between two eyelids lies the intent of our life,
Between two receiving cheeks lies a kiss,
Between intent and kiss escapes the strife
Of breath; Beside are hands that bear the rose.
Fate must be in something else all miss,
Or if not, in our shadows.

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A Chair

A Chair

The chair where I wrote my poems is sold –
A machine and a table will fill that space,
We will admire the new chatter and the clatter,
And watch the other chairs circle around

I was too far to have known the details,
Perhaps it wasn’t necessary,
Since I wouldn’t write now anyway,
And the price of wood was in its prime.

However, instead of a chair, wished it was a pet –
They don’t size up a dead pet’s master,
And you can’t sell it’s bones to make one new,
Nor ask that price and regret having asked.

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Village fair

Village fair

A village fair has just begun my thoughts –
Colorful windmills purple as they dance,
Boundless fields eager for shine to dry
From morning’s mist to evening’s sweat

Trees stand tall, cattle too see end of day,
Children forget their homes, blindfolded
At stretching play, searching in the twilight
The day that had promised a winner

Thoughtful lamps glow in every home,
Their oil in clay, like diamond in the shore,
Is fortune only to the one who gets,
And each home’s contend with its light.

At night, ghosts sing into the winds,
Close the children to their lids,
Hide the moon from its tales,
And ask forgetful dogs, when is time to sleep?

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Dutiful Love

Dutiful Love

Work after a holiday long gives déjà vu.
Memory flashes in placid nights,
Passing weather is the lone saviour
For it brings home the time traveler

Dreams of work midst full moon holidays,
On return, ease the puzzling stars,
Lightnings throw their guidance in reality,
And faster mirror the wayfarer

Even when untaught souls marry,
Dutifully love’s remembered, as they unite
Like priests in rote, rehearsing solitary
Trembling hymns each night